Jar Lids


We have our own special jar lids manufactured for spawn making and jar culture. These are standard mouth size (70 mm) that fit all regular mouth canning jars and standard quart size mayo jars. These are used with the jar filters shown. The gas exchange rate is determined by the central hole size, which comes in two sizes, 5/8” diameter and ¾” diameter. For 99% of spawn making and jar culture, the ¾” size is the best, but for growing in a very low oxygen environment, such as for growing mycorrhizal or Cordyceps fungi, a 5/8” hole lid is available as well. These lids are reusable many times, until eventually they rust to the point they are no longer usable. We generally get about 50 – 70 sterilization cycles from these lids, so the lid price is less than one cent per batch of spawn made. These are far more effective than the two piece canning lids usually used by home cultivators. The plastic one-piece lids do not work too well for cultivation as they distort and change size when autoclaved, although there are some brands of plastic lids available that do work OK, but the quality of the plastic lids seems to change with each lot, so to avoid all the potential problems with loose lids we recommend these metal lids with the central gas exchange hole.


Price: $0.30 per each lid.

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Spawn Jar Filters


These filters are 100% cellulose with a pore size of 0.3 micron. These are 100% reusable and the best filter available for spawn production or canning jar cultivation. The usual jar filters available from other mushroom cultivators are a standard laboratory item, made from a synthetic PTFE material. They are really intended only for a single sterilization cycle. Each time the PTFE filters are autoclaved, the pore size increases, leading to greater and greater contamination over time. These Aloha Medicinals cellulose filters on the other hand are good for hundreds of autoclave cycles – with no change in the pore size or filter efficiency. Aloha Medicinals has these filters specially manufactured to our own specification by one of the leading U.S. filter manufacturers. These filters are the result of years of production experience and are our own proprietary design and proprietary filter material. They are not available anywhere else. The 2 3/4 ” diameter filters fit regular mouth canning jars. We also have the large mouth canning jar size as well, which is 3 3/8” diameter. The regular size filter fits all regular mouth canning jars and standard size mayo jars, which is the jar we recommend for spawn production. For fruitbody production, fruiting trials and growing “Special” mushrooms, the wide mouth size is most popular.


We have available two types of filters:


2 3/4” (70 mm) diameter Filters – fits Standard Mouth canning jars

The quantity per pound is approximately 90 filters.

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3 3/8” (86 mm) diameter Filters – fits Wide Mouth canning jars

The quantity per pound is approximately 66 filters.

Price: $25.00 per pound.

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