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Aloha Medicinals Culture Bank has the world’s largest selection of mushroom cultures for the professional or home cultivator, and for research and medicinal purposes. To find the culture you need, please enter the Latin or common name in the search box below. All cultures are described with the mushroom cultivator in mind. We encourage your feedback on all cultures, so we can continue to update the descriptions with the most current information on yields, time to fruiting, fruitbody quality, shelf life and all other parameter you would like to inform us about. To make any comments or supply feedback regarding the cultures you purchase, please send an email to our Culture Bank Curator, Dr. Daniel Tura at All our cultures are supplied in duplicate, and are guaranteed for life. To see the details of our Culture Guarantee, click here. Please feel free to email or call with any questions you may have. Dr. Tura can be reached by telephone at Toll Free 877-835-6091.



Strain Catalog


Download the Full Catalog [PDF]

Agaricus bisporus AM-P1-W

Laetiporus sulphureus AM-G131

Pleurotus citrinopileatus AM-G2-Y

Agaricus bisporus AM-P2-BR

Lentinula edodes AM-P8

Pleurotus cystidiosus AM-G234

Agaricus blazei AM-P13

Lentinula edodes AM-G5

Pleurotus djamor AM-G237-P

Agrocybe aegerita AM-G11

Lentinula edodes AM-G14

Pleurotus eryngii AM-G4

Antrodia camphorata AM-M1

Lignosus rhinocerus AM-M209

Pleurotus ferulae AM-G13

Calocybe indica AM-G12

Morchella angusticeps AM-G201

Pleurotus florida AM-G259-W

Flammulina velutipes AM-G15

Morchella angusticeps AM-G202

Pleurotus ostreatus AM-G6-B

Fomitopsis officinalis AM-M124

Morchella angusticeps AM-G200

Pleurotus ostreatus AM-G7

Ganoderma formosanum AM-M156

Morchella conica AM-G203

Pleurotus pulmonarius AM-G8

Ganoderma formosanum AM-M157

Morchella crassipes AM-G206

Pleurotus salmoneostramineus AM-G3-P

Ganoderma neo-japonicum AM-M191

Morchella crassipes AM-G205

Pleurotus ulmarius Pleurotus ostreatus AM-G1-W

Ganoderma neo-japonicum AM-M192

Morchella crassipes AM-G204

Polyporus umbellatus AM-M225

Ganoderma tsugae AM-M198

Morchella deliciosa AM-G207

Poria cocos AM-M233

Grifola frondosa AM-P9

Morchella elata AM-G208

Schizophyllum commune AM-M240

Hericium abietis AM-G87

Morchella esculenta AM-G210

Stropharia rugosoannulata AM-G16

Hericium americanum AM-G88

Morchella esculenta AM-G211

Tremella fuciformis AM-M295

Hericium clathroides AM-G89

Morchella esculenta AM-G209

Tremella mesenterica AM-M296

Hericium coralloides AM-G91

Morchella esculenta AM-G212

Volvariella volvacea AM-G335

Hericium coralloides AM-G90

Morchella esculenta AM-G213

Volvariella volvacea AM-G334

Hericium erinaceus AM-P4

Morchella rufobrunnea AM-G214

Xylaria hypoxylon AM-S214

Cordyceps sinensis AM-M199

Morchella semilibera AM-G215

Xylaria nigripes AM-S215

Cordyceps sinensis AM-M200

Morchella spongiola AM-G217


Cordyceps sinensis AM-M201

Morchella stepicola AM-G218


Cordyceps sinensis AM-M202

Pestalotiopsis microspora AM-S159


Inonotus obliquus AM-M207

Phellinus linteus AM-M220


Laetiporus conifericola AM-G125

Physisporinus vitreus AM-S178


Laetiporus gilbertsonii AM-G126

Piptoporus betulinus AM-M224





For all of you formulators - Aloha Medicinals also offers bulk powder ingredients for use in your formulations, which are 100% USDA and EU Certified Organic. Call our customer service representative at (775) 886-6300 for more information and to place your order today!



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